High Dose Biotin in the UK is now available from nuutree UK

Many sources and medical research has shown High Dose Biotin (pharma grade) improves and benefits patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Not just RRMS or SPMS but PPMS. Please watch this video and do your own research to make up your mind whether this is the right addition to your treatment programme. It is also advised to seek medical advice. Once all that research and medical advice has been conducted your good to make a decision. The decision our family member with a high EDSS was -‘well if it’ll help, I’ll take anything’. Whilst nuutree would not advocate taking ‘anything’ it has to be said that Biotin is a natural vitamin supplement. As the video footage from MS World shows is recommended by MS Specialists who are prescribing it for their MS patients now. So whilst the powers that be continue their research the team at nuutree decided to take action! We have sourced and launched our own High Does Pure Biotin in the UK. We wanted to ensure that our family member and the UK MS population and other health devotees have access to their chosen treatment and supplement options. We hope to add new wellbeing products including high dose Vitamin D in the near future as well as keep subcribers up to date on industry supplement news and MS treatment breakthroughs. Please spread the word – the colourful wellbeing brand nuutree is in the UK selling high dose Biotin now!

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